Variable called 'new' in vector in go block in CLJS causes "Object has no method 'call'" error


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    ClojureScript 0.0-2202, core.async, openjdk 7u51


I seem to be having trouble with the combination of:

  • a variable named 'new'
  • wrapped in a vector
  • after a <! call in a go block.

Removing any of these conditions seems to work fine.

I've attached a few minimal examples in test_cases.clj and the JavaScript that the first error compiles down to in compiled-cljs.js - the errors occur on line 4 (I think inst_39771 is 21 in this case)

An obvious workaround is not to name the variable 'new'

Please let me know if you need anything more from me, and please go easy on me if this is in the wrong place/badly labelled etc - it's my first Clojure JIRA bug report



  1. compiled-cljs.js
    07/Apr/14 4:03 PM
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    James Henderson
  2. test_cases.clj
    07/Apr/14 4:03 PM
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    James Henderson


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