Missing LU and LRU is linear complexity - performance


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Profiling some code with YourKit showed a hotspot in cache statistics on (miss) for LU and LRU caches.

Basically two issues: (count (keys {....})) is a count of a seq, not efficient. Replaced with a count of the map.

Secondly, (apply f anything) is slow. Profiler showed that the (apply min-key) was really slow. This is mitigated by using a c.d.priority-map instead. On a priority-map, (ffirst {}) or (first (peek {}).

Also inverted the logic for threshold comparison. Since there is a (build-leastness-queue) that populates statistics, should caches should favor codepaths for the state of being full all the time?

  1. priority-map.patch
    04/Sep/12 11:26 AM
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    Ghadi Shayban
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    12/Sep/12 9:27 AM
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    Ghadi Shayban


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