Namespace is not loaded on defrecord class init


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As a user of Clojure interop from Java, I want defrecords (and deftypes?) to load their namespaces upon class initialization so that I can simply construct and use AOT'd record classes without manually requiring their namespaces first.

Calling the defrecord's constructor may or may not result in "Attempting to call unbound fn" exceptions, depending on what code has already been run.

This issue has been raised several times over the years, but I could not find an existing ticket for it:

Approach 1: require the namespace a record/type belongs to during the record/type class init
Patch: 0001-CLJ-1208-load-own-namespace-in-deftype-defrecord-cla-v5-no-opts.patch

Approach 2: like Approach 1 but does the automatic loading only when a :load-ns option is set to true in the deftype/defrecord
Patch: 0001-CLJ-1208-load-own-namespace-in-deftype-defrecord-cla-v5.patch

Note: patch for Approach 1 causes some generative tests to fail since the namespace used to evalaute a defrecord is immediately destroyed thus impossible to load



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