Provide a useful implementation of toString() for Clojure functions


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Clojure functions do not provide a useful override of the default Java Object.toString() method.

Because of this, any time a Clojure function is printed out, it places a load on the develop to mentally reverse the necessary name mangling to get back to the namespace and function name.

I would vastly prefer better information here: the non-mangled name of the function, including namespace and, ideally, a little bit of the available meta-data: the file name and line number.

In other words, instead of novate.core.processing.async$locate_destination@2690d691 something more like novate.core.processing.async/locate-destination(async.clj:231).

Ideally, anything that is code generated as a class should implement a useful toString(). It would be nice if reified types could identify the containing namespace and function (and file/line number) as part of their default toString().

I suspect this would need to be controlled by a compiler option as it would slightly increase the generated bytecode size, and (imperceptably?) affect compilation speed.

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