missing field munging when recreating deftypes serialized into byte code


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deftypes with fields whose names get munged fail when constructed in data reader functions.

user=> (deftype Foo [hello-world])
user=> (alter-var-root #'default-data-readers assoc 'foo (fn [x] (->Foo x)))
{inst #'clojure.instant/read-instant-date, uuid #'clojure.uuid/default-uuid-reader, foo #object[user$eval12$fn__13 0x23c89df9 "user$eval12$fn__13@23c89df9"]}
user=> #foo "1"
CompilerException java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No matching field found: hello-world for class user.Foo, compiling:(NO_SOURCE_PATH:0:0)

Cause: To embed deftypes in the bytecode the compiler emits the value of each field, then emits a call to the deftypes underlying class's constructor. To get a list of fields the compiler calls .getBasis. The getBasis fields are the "clojure" level field names of the deftype, which the actual "jvm" level field names have been munged (replacing - with _, etc), so the compiler tries to generate code to set values on non-existent fields.

Approach: Munge the field name before emitting it in bytecode.
Patch: clj-1399-with-test.diff
Screened by: Alex Miller

  1. clj-1399.diff
    02/Apr/14 4:39 PM
    0.8 kB
    Kevin Downey
  2. clj-1399-with-test.diff
    29/Apr/15 1:20 PM
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    Kevin Downey



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