make use of deprecated namespaces/vars easier to spot


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From the mailing list It is easy to use deprecated namespaces without knowing you are doing so. The documentation warnings are small, and there is no compiler warning.

Some possibilities include:

  1. much more visible deprecation styling in the documentation
  2. stderr warnings when referencing a deprecated thing.

I don't love the idea of stderr warnings on all the time. Rich: is there an approach to this that you would like to see a patch for?

  1. 706-deprecated-var-warning.diff
    26/Oct/12 1:37 PM
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    Luke VanderHart
  2. 706-deprecated-var-warning-patch-v2.txt
    13/Feb/13 12:38 AM
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    Andy Fingerhut
  3. 706-fix-deprecation-warnings-agents.diff
    26/Oct/12 1:37 PM
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    Luke VanderHart
  4. 706-fix-deprecation-warnings-on-replicate.diff
    26/Oct/12 1:37 PM
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    Luke VanderHart
  5. 706-fix-deprecation-warning-test-junit.diff
    26/Oct/12 1:37 PM
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    Luke VanderHart
  6. 706-warning-on-deprecated-ns.diff
    29/Oct/12 1:02 AM
    0.9 kB
    Ghadi Shayban


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