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Release 1.7



Release 1.7

Issues: Due

  • Defect CLJ-1152 PermGen leak in multimethods and protocol fns when evaled
  • Defect CLJ-1330 Class name clash between top-level functions and defn'ed ones
  • Defect CLJ-700 contains? broken for transient collections

Issues: Updated recently

  • Defect CLJ-1537 Yesterday 8:25 PM Audit IReduce usages for proper Reduced handling
  • Enhancement CLJ-1499 Yesterday 7:30 PM Replace seq-based iterators with direct iterators for all non-seq collections that use SeqIterator
  • Enhancement CLJ-1297 Yesterday 6:50 PM try to catch using - instead of _ in filenames so the compiler can give a better error message for people who don't know that you need to use _ in file names