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  • Enhancement CLJCLR-25 Clojure.Compile.exe create single dll for all compiled .clj files
  • Defect CLJCLR-32 RT.load does not correctly map namespace to source file or dll name
  • Defect CLJCLR-33 REPL input broken

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  • Defect CLJCLR-38 Yesterday 11:32 PM Use Type.AssemblyQualifiedName in ObjExpr.EmitValue when generating code for types
  • Defect CLJCLR-39 Yesterday 11:31 PM Use Type.AssemblyQualifiedName in RT.print when printing #= expression for types
  • Defect CLJCLR-37 Last Monday 8:59 PM spit does not truncate, leaves tail of original file if output is shorter length.

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