ClojureScript is a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript.

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  • Enhancement CLJS-112 Due Date: 31/Dec/11 -- Read and write JSON strings to/from clojure data structures
  • Defect CLJS-150 Due Date: 24/Feb/12 Regular expressions don't support Javascript mode flags
  • Defect CLJS-789 Advanced compilation broken with latest closure libra

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  • Defect CLJS-787 Today 10:51 AM cljs.reader does not read blank string as nil
  • Defect CLJS-792 Today 9:46 AM cljs.core.reducers/reduce does not support cljs.core/PersistentArrayMap
  • Defect CLJS-793 Today 8:32 AM memoize doesn't correctly cache non-truthy return values

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