ClojureScript is a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript.

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  • Defect CLJS-150 Due Date: 24/Feb/12 Regular expressions don't support Javascript mode flags
  • Defect CLJS-364 compiler needs to put all args of an invocation after 20 into an array-seq
  • Defect CLJS-365 apply needs to put all args after the 20th into an array seq

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  • Defect CLJS-1886 Yesterday 2:29 PM RangedIterator should only be created from cljs.core.PersistentVector instances
  • Defect CLJS-1895 Last Saturday 4:37 PM Externs inference needs to support user supplied externs
  • Defect CLJS-1873 Last Saturday 6:57 AM Self-host: Unit tests fail owing to test.check dep

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