An optional type system for Clojure

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  • Defect CTYP-231 (Array X) is broken and undocumented
  • Defect CTYP-27 clojure.lang.RT/nth's type doesn't currently allow nil as the first argument
  • Defect CTYP-32 Cannot instantiate variables that have bounds

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  • Defect CTYP-242 Last Tuesday 2:34 PM adding stop-gap annotation for 'hash-map' results in runtime exception
  • Enhancement CTYP-240 Last Saturday 1:29 PM Annotations for clojure.instant, clojure.template, clojure.set and clojure.repl namespaces
  • Defect CTYP-241 Last Friday 8:54 AM Regression related to enabling aliasing support

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