An optional type system for Clojure

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  • Defect CTYP-27 clojure.lang.RT/nth's type doesn't currently allow nil as the first argument
  • Defect CTYP-32 Cannot instantiate variables that have bounds
  • Defect CTYP-35 Should use fresh names when checking plambdas

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  • Defect CTYP-215 Last Thursday 6:46 PM Domain of clojure.core/zero? is Number, not Any
  • Defect CTYP-214 Last Wednesday 11:36 AM core.typed 0.2.84 raises an exception when trying to infer the type of (atom #{})
  • Defect CTYP-212 Last Wednesday 12:39 AM Can't create a promise of the same type as a record field

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