Optimized pattern matching and predicate dispatch for Clojure

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  • Defect MATCH-31 vector patterns should work on seq
  • Defect MATCH-95 recur detection logic is too naive
  • Defect MATCH-101 Apparent regression for test sharing literals

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  • Defect MATCH-112 11/Feb/16 :as and & interaction issue
  • Defect MATCH-111 18/Sep/15 [CLJS]: Usage of core.match within core.async/go block causes compilation to fail when match cases exceed a certain count
  • Enhancement MATCH-109 18/Sep/15 Call `emit-pattern` and `to-source` to let'ed things. {code:clojure} (let [x "hello" y :foo x-regex #"Hello"] (match [x y] [x-regex y] :match :else :no-match)) {code}

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