Add ability to customize test output when a test fails


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From the original description:

I would like the ability to control / enhance / replace the output generated when a test fails. Printing the raw values works well as long as those values have a useful output for the test at hand, but this doesn't always hold true.

To give a bit of background, I was playing with generating sequences of partially-applied functions and then applying them to an initial state. Here's a small excerpt from the full gist:

:smallest [(#<core$partial$fn__4190 clojure.core$partial$fn__4190@2a799171>)]

What would be more useful to me is if the output had something like this, which is more meaningful:

:smallest [(- 45 %)]

In this example, (- 45 %) is all my custom output string. 45 is a value from an upstream generator (and would thus change), and % is just a string modeled after the anonymous function syntax.

I could even see my particular application rolled up as a generator:

(def gen-inc
  (gen/bind gen/pos-int #(gen/partial + %)))

Which could handle some of the heavy lifting for the user.

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