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[ASYNC-64] Race condition when closing mults Created: 29/Apr/14  Updated: 23/Jun/14

Status: Open
Project: core.async
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Defect Priority: Major
Reporter: James Reeves Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
Labels: mult

Approval: Triaged


When a mult is tapped at around the same time as the source channel is closed, the tapped channel may not be closed.

(require '[clojure.core.async :refer (chan mult tap close!)])
(let [s (chan)
      m (mult s)
      c (chan)]
  (tap m c)
  (close! s)
  (impl/closed? c))

The above code will sometimes return true, and sometimes return false.

Cause: This is caused by the following code in the mult function:

(if (nil? val)
  (doseq [[c close?] @cs]
    (when close? (close! c)))

Any channels tapped after cs is dereferenced will not be closed.

Approach: A possible solution to this could be to always close channels tapped to a closed source. i.e.

(let [s (chan)
      m (mult s)
      c (chan)]
  (close! s)
  (tap m c))  ;; will always close c

This could be achieved by adding a flag to the cs atom to denote whether the mult is open or closed. If it's closed, any tapped channel is closed automatically.

Comment by James Reeves [ 30/Apr/14 6:05 AM ]

For reference, below is the custom fix for mult I'm using:

(defn mult [ch]
  (let [state (atom [true {}])
        m (reify
            (muxch* [_] ch)
            (tap* [_ ch close?]
              (let [add-ch    (fn [[o? cs]] [o? (if o? (assoc cs ch close?) cs)])
                    [open? _] (swap! state add-ch)]
                (when-not open? (close! ch))
            (untap* [_ ch]
              (swap! state (fn [[open? cs]] [open? (dissoc cs ch)]))
            (untap-all* [_]
              (swap! state (fn [[open? _]] [open? {}]))))
        dchan (chan 1)
        dctr (atom nil)
        done (fn [_] (when (zero? (swap! dctr dec))
                       (put! dchan true)))]
    (go-loop []
      (let [val (<! ch)]
        (if (nil? val)
          (let [[_ cs] (swap! state (fn [[_ cs]] [false cs]))]
            (doseq [[c close?] cs]
              (when close? (close! c))))
          (let [chs (keys (second @state))]
            (reset! dctr (count chs))
            (doseq [c chs]
              (when-not (put! c val done)
                (swap! dctr dec)
                (untap* m c)))
            (when (seq chs)
              (<! dchan))
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