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[CLJ-668] Improve slurp performance by using native Java StringWriter and jio/copy Created: 01/Nov/10  Updated: 06/Jan/15

Status: Open
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Release 1.3
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Enhancement Priority: Critical
Reporter: Jürgen Hötzel Assignee: Timothy Baldridge
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
Labels: ft, io, performance

Attachments: File slurp-perf-patch.diff    
Patch: Code
Approval: Triaged


Instead of copying each character from InputReader to StringBuffer.

Performance improvement:

Generate a 10meg file:
user> (spit "foo.txt" (apply str (repeat (* 1024 1024 10) "X")))

Test code:
user> (dotimes [x 100] (time (do (slurp "foo.txt") 0)))

Elapsed time: 136.387 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 143.782 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 153.174 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 211.51 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 155.429 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 145.619 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 142.641 msecs"

"Elapsed time: 23.408 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 25.876 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 41.449 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 28.292 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 25.765 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 24.339 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 32.047 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 23.372 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 24.365 msecs"
"Elapsed time: 26.265 msecs"

Approach: Use StringWriter and jio/copy vs character by character copy. Results from the current patch see a 4-5x perf boost after the jit warms up, with purely in-memory streams (ByteArrayInputStream over a 6MB string).

Patch: slurp-perf-patch.diff
Screened by: Alex Miller

Comment by Alex Miller [ 21/Apr/14 3:28 PM ]

This is double-better with the changes in Clojure 1.6 to improve jio/copy performance by using the NIO impl. Rough timing difference on a 25M file: old= 2316.021 msecs, new= 93.319 msecs.

Filer did not supply a patch and is not a contributor. If someone wants to make a patch (and better timing info demonstrating performance improvements), that would be great.

Comment by Timothy Baldridge [ 10/Sep/14 10:29 PM ]

Fixed the ticket formatting a bit, and added a patch I coded up tonight. Should be pretty close to the old patch, as we both use StringWriter, but I didn't really look at the old patch beyond noticing that it was using StringWriter.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 11/Sep/14 7:01 AM ]

Can you update the perf comparison on latest code and do both a small and big file?

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