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[CLJ-840] Add a way to access the current test var in :each fixtures for clojure.test Created: 21/Sep/11  Updated: 23/Nov/13

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Project: Clojure
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Type: Enhancement Priority: Major
Reporter: Hugo Duncan Assignee: Unassigned
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When looking at (log) output from tests written with clojure.test, I would like to be able to identify the output associated with each test. A mechanism to expose the current test var within an :each fixture would enable this.

One mechanism might be to bind a test-var var with the current test var before calling the each-fixture-fn in clojure.test/test-all-vars.

Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 07/Oct/11 4:33 PM ]

Or just pass the Var directly into the fixture. Vars are invokable.

Comment by Hugo Duncan [ 07/Oct/11 4:45 PM ]

I don't think that works, since the the function passed to the fixture is not the test var, but a function calling test-var on the test var.

Comment by Hugo Duncan [ 21/Oct/11 10:34 PM ]

Patch to add test-var

Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 25/Oct/11 6:04 PM ]

*testing-vars* already has this information, but it's not visible to the fixture functions because it gets bound inside test-var.

Perhaps the :each fixture functions should be called in test-var rather than in test-all-vars. (The namespace of a Var is available in its metadata.) But then we have to call join-fixtures inside test-var every time.

Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 25/Oct/11 6:26 PM ]

Try this patch: clj840-2.diff.

This makes *testing-vars* visible to :each fixture functions, which seems intuitively more correct.

BUT it slightly changes the behavior of test-var, which I'm less happy about.

Comment by Hugo Duncan [ 25/Oct/11 8:07 PM ]

Might it make sense to provide a function on top of testing-vars to return the current test-var?

Comment by Stuart Sierra [ 28/Oct/11 9:14 AM ]

No, that function is first

Comment by Hugo Duncan [ 28/Oct/11 11:31 AM ]

I agree with having the dynamic vars as part of the extension interface, but would have thought that having a function for use when writing tests would have been cleaner. Just my 2c.

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 23/Nov/13 12:42 AM ]

With a commit made on Nov 22, 2013, patch clj840-2.diff no longer applies cleanly to latest master. Updating it appears like it might be straightforward, but best for someone who knows this part of the code well to do so.

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