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[CLJ-1667] Socket test can fail if hard-coded port is unavailable Created: 26/Feb/15  Updated: 26/Feb/15

Status: Open
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: Release 1.7
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Defect Priority: Minor
Reporter: Alex Miller Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
Labels: io, test

Attachments: Text File socket-test.patch    
Patch: Code
Approval: Triaged


I was unable to run the Clojure tests due to this problem. There is a test that hardcodes a port and something else on my machine happened to be using that port.

The patch avoids binding a hard-coded port in the test.

Patch: socket-test.patch

Screened by:

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 26/Feb/15 11:31 AM ]

I used to try running the prescreen tests in parallel for two different JDKs on the same machine, and I probably stopped doing that because of this. My use case is a very unusual one, and not a good reason to change this by itself, but my use case certainly made this conflict happen regularly.

Comment by Alex Miller [ 26/Feb/15 11:57 AM ]

No good reason not to fix it! Silly test.

[CLJ-1666] change 'fun' to 'f' in doc strings Created: 22/Feb/15  Updated: 22/Feb/15  Resolved: 22/Feb/15

Status: Closed
Project: Clojure
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Enhancement Priority: Trivial
Reporter: Patrick Ryan Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Declined Votes: 0
Labels: docstring, enhancement

Attachments: File fix-fun-to-f.diff    
Patch: Code


fix 'function' term references in core/alter, core/commute, and test/clojure/test_clojure/pprint/test_cl_format.clj for consistency.

Rest of codebase uses 'f' to refer to functions.

Comment by Patrick Ryan [ 22/Feb/15 12:17 PM ]

My first patch, any help/critique welcomed.

Comment by Andy Fingerhut [ 22/Feb/15 1:10 PM ]

It looks like the format of the patch is the one expected, so that is good. Not a big deal, but most people use their actual name and email address to identify themselves, rather than an alias and email address.

I don't know whether this patch is of interest to the Clojure developers or not, but I do know that they will never apply patches written by those who have not signed a Clojure contributor agreement – see http://clojure.org/contributing

I did not see your name on the list there. Were you considering signing the CA?

Comment by Patrick Ryan [ 22/Feb/15 1:19 PM ]

I just signed it about an hour or two ago. Patrick Ryan (phiat99@gmail.com) (phiat on github) Thanks for feedback

Comment by Alex Miller [ 22/Feb/15 1:23 PM ]

Hi Patrick, thanks for navigating the process and submitting the patch! Unfortunately, I don't think this particular change is worth doing so I am going to decline it. Sorry about that and I hope I have not discouraged you on your road to using or contributing to Clojure!

Comment by Patrick Ryan [ 22/Feb/15 1:33 PM ]

No problem Alex! I know its a tiny trivial change, just a small OCD thing when I was looking through docs! Thanks for feedback. I will look for 'bigger fish' to fry

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