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  1. Do you wish there was a Clojure User Group in your area? Check out our page of tips for starting your own user group.
  2. If you use Meetup for your group communication, there is a substantial discount if you use discount "clojure" when you sign up.If you'd like to have your group listed here, create an account on Confluence and request permission to update the page.
  3. Join the clojure-power mailing list for user group organizers!



Boston Clojure Group

NYC Clojure Users Group

Clojadelphia - The Philadelphia User Group

Pittsburgh Clojure Users Group

Functional Programming Connoisseurs (Western Massachusetts & surrounds)

Welcoming all FP-ers (Erlang/Scheme/Scala/Haskell/etc etc etc), but Clojure fans generally form a plurality.


Baltimore Clojure Meetup

South Atlantic

Atlanta Clojure NYC Clojure Users Group

Clojadelphia - The Philadelphia User Group

National Capital Area Pittsburgh Clojure Users Group

TriClojure Meetup

is part of Pittsburgh Code & Supply



Denver Clojure Meetup

Detroit Clojure Group

MadClojure (Madison, WI)

Minnesota Clojure Users Group

St. Louis Clojure Lunch CljubMeetup

Columbus Clojure User Group


Baltimore Clojure Meetup

National Capital Area Clojure Users Group - Reston, VA

ClojureDC - Washington, DC

TriClojure Meetup

Atlanta Clojure User Group

Clojure Houston User Group

Dallas/Fort Worth Clojure Interest Group (See mailing list thread for more info)

Austin Clojure Meetup


Seajure - Seattle Clojure Group

Bay Area Clojure User Group - San Francisco (monthly meetup plus monthly dojo); San Mateo (monthly meetup)

Denver Clojure Meetup

Los Angeles Clojure Users Group

Seajure - Seattle Clojure Group

Santa Barbara Clojure Users Group

Phoenix Clojure User Group



Vienna Clojure User Group


Danish Clojure Users' Group (Aarhus)


Zürich Clojure User Group

Clojure User Group Bonn

Italia - Italian Clojure User Group

Amsterdam Clojurians (Twitter: @amsclj)

Rotterdam/Den Haag


Manchester Clojure Dojo

Cambridge Clojurians

Bristol Clojurians


Chinese Clojure Group