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  • If a question appears to be important, and goes unanswered or insufficiently answered for more than a day, then
    • if you know the answer, answer it. :-)
    • if you don't, please add a link to the thread, plus a one-line summary, to the Mailing List Todos page.
  • If a question recurs on the list, or is of general interest, please add the question and answer to the FAQ.

Approving Messages from New Posters


  • click through and read the message, don't just assume non-spam from the title
  • mark obvious spam as spam
  • if you aren't sure if something is appropriate for the list, leave it in unmoderated and ping Stu or Richadd an item to [Mailing List Todos|clojurecore:Mailing List Todos].

    * if the tone of a message is sliding from "tech discussion" toward "personal attack", leave the message unmoderated and ping Stu or Richand add an item to [Mailing List Todos|clojurecore:Mailing List Todos].

    h4. Approving New Members

    Posts from new members go in the moderation queue (see above). This continues for some time until Google magically decides the person no longer needs moderation. This can be frustrating for new members. If you see a person make several sensible posts in a row and they are still being moderated, go ahead and click on their name and set them to "no moderation needed".

Open Questions

  • What is a good period for rotation as list monitor (1 week)?
  • The web UI is slow, and requires more clicking around than I would like. Any efficiency tips here, or API wrappers (if such exist) would be welcome.