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This page documents what happens when a new contributor signs the Contributor Agreement.

  1. Contributor signs the online Contributor Agreement. An email is sent to Rich Hickey and a few other Cognitect employees.
  2. One of the CA recipients adds the contributors name to the page: name + GitHub ID.  (This usually happens within a couple days.)
  3. Contributor should request access to mailing list.
  4. Mailing list manager will verify name on contributor page and if so, accept the contributor into the group.
  5. Mailing list manager should search for the contributor's JIRA id (it's helpful if this resembles the name/github id) and adds the following groups:
    1. clojure-dev - allows editing of wiki pages
    2. jira-developers - allows editing of JIRA tickets
Please contact Alex Miller ( if you have questions regarding anything on this list.