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We want project names like data.finger-tree and test.benchmark. JIRA project names can do this, but project keys can't: by default they are instance-unique, uppercase alpha only.

You can change JIRA's rules for project keys, but

  • There is a strict warning against allowing a dash. (Tools use dash to separate project key from issue number).
  • It is not easy to do (you have to shutdown JIRA, change properties, possibly rebuild webapp).
  • Changes to legal JIRA keys must be manually propagated into other systems, e.g. Hudson, which do not treat JIRA keys as opaque.

Amusingly, renaming from one key to another is also difficult, and breaks links. So changing your mind later is not so good.


  • names like TESTBENCHMARK (spell out category and lib)
  • names like BENCH (abbreviate lib only, with possible collision problems later)
  • names like TBENCH (abbreviate category and lib)
    • RH - yes, first character of parent and first 5 characters of name
      • TBENCH
      • DFINGE
  • modify JIRA's rules and face the consequences above