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The Software Freedom Conservancy encourages your project to apply for Conservancy.  Please be advised that applying doesn't guarantee your project can join Conservancy; it's simply the first step in the process of joining Conservancy.

Please note that Conservancy currently has a long queue for project applications, so we cannot assure you when you will receive a response to your application.  Feel free to ping Conservancy at any time to inquire about the status of your application.

To apply to the Conservancy, please answer fully all the questions below, in a *single* text-only (i.e., not HTML) email to <>.  Please try to be as concise as possible while making sure to answer the questions fully.

If the relevant information is already gathered and publicly available, It's ok to include URLs as answers.  However, if a given URL has lots of information on it, please make sure that you direct us specifically to the portions of the web page loaded by the given URL that are relevant in answering the question.

Conservancy application questions

Why does your project want to join Conservancy?  Specifically, what benefits do you expect to take advantage of immediately and within a few years?

Conservancy does encourage projects to apply to multiple non-profit homes to find the best fit.  Does your project have an application pending with any other non-profit homes?  What do you see as the pros and cons of the various organizations you've applied to?

Please give a detailed description of the project.

What FLOSS License(s) does your project use?  Please include the primary license, and list other licenses for code that is included.  (e.g., "The project as a whole is GPLv3-or-later, but about a dozen files in the directory src/external/ are under the Apache-2.0 license").  Please be sure to include information on documentation licensing as well as software licensing.

Please give us your roadmap and plans for future development of the project, including both code and community plans.

Please give us the main link to the projects primary website.

Please give us a URL to a code repository we can clone and/or checkout.

Have you ever had funds held by the project, or by any individual on behalf of the project?  How and for what did you spend those funds?  Are there funds remaining?  If so, who is holding them now?

Do you have any ongoing fundraising programs for your project?  How do they operate, and how much funding is brought in through these mechanisms currently?  Where do you expect most of your donor base to be geographically?

Going forward, once inside Conservancy, how do you expect to spend funds that you raise?  What types of activity do you want to ask Conservancy to take on your behalf?  Where geographically do you want those activities to take place?

Is your project able and willing to participate in fundraising campaigns with Conservancy on an annual or perhaps more frequent basis?

Does your project owe funds to anyone?

Who currently holds your projects' trademarks, if any?  When was your projects' name first used, and who used it?

Does you project have a logo?  If so, who drew it, when did they draw it, where is it displayed and what is its license?

Are you aware of anyone in your project, individual or company, holding a patent in any jurisdiction that are in any way related to your project?

Has your project ever had legal trouble, been involved in legal proceedings or received a letter accusing your project of patent, copyright, trademark or other types of infringement?

Please give a brief history of the project, focusing on how the community developed and the general health of the community.  Be sure to include information on any forks or other disputes that have occurred in the community.

Please explain how your project is governed.  Who makes the decisions in the project?  How do you resolve disputes, particularly about non-code issues?

Does your project currently offer, or wish to offer any consulting or training services (such as deployment, administration or other such services of the software for users) to your user base?  If so, how do you structure (or seek to structure) this work?

Is anyone in the project currently offering a Software as a Service system based on project?  If so, how is that offering governed, coordinated and is the software that runs the service made fully available to your users?

If your project runs on Linux-based systems, please list all the distributions that include your project, and what "repository area" the package appears in.  If you aren't packaged for any major distributions, please tell us why you believe your project hasn't been packaged yet.

Does your project have any existing for-profit or non-profit affiliations, funding relationships, or other agreements between the project and/or key leaders of your project and other organizations?  Has the project had such affiliations in the past?  Please list of all of them in detail and explain their nature. Even tangential affiliations and relationships, or potential affiliations that you plan to create should be included.

Approximately how many users does your project have, and what items lead you to believe your userbase is of a particular size (e.g., post counts to your user mailing list)?

Please list the names, email addresses, and affiliations (e.g., employer) of key developers and major contributors.  Include both current and past contributors and developers.  Please include date ranges of when those developers/contributors were active.  Please make this list as extensive and complete as possible.  You need not include every last person who sent one patch, but please include at least those who regularly sent patches or were/are regular contributors.  If you project has contributors who have been inactive for more than five years, you need only to list such inactive contributors if they made substantial contributions.

Please include any other pertinent information not given above that you feel we should review with your application.

Please note that your answers will be shared with Conservancy's Board of Directors, its Evaluation Committee (the membership of which is published on Conservancy's website), and with some of Conservancy's existing member projects leaders.  We like to get as much input as possible from Conservancy's existing project base when evaluating new projects for membership.
Please submit the application in pure ASCII format, with paragraph fills and line breaks designed for 80 column viewing.  You don't need to impress us with formatting; what will actually impress us is if you make the information presented in a simple and clear way that is easily read and understood when edited with GNU Emacs and emailed around internally at Conservancy via standard email forwarding tools.

Before completing your application, please be sure to read our application FAQ at:

Feel free to include any additional information you'd like us to review in considering an application, but please try to be brief as possible.

Please note that Conservancy does require that projects consider donating a percentage of their funding to the general operating costs of the Conservancy.  This is a way to assure we can continue providing a high level of service to all Conservancy projects.  We'll discuss this further and in detail after the evaluation process.

Please be advised that you may get follow-up clarification questions on your application.  Please be prepared to respond to these inquiries quickly to assure timely processing of your application.