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Making changes to styles and templates on

Overview of the steps for modifying the look and feel of's wikispaces site.

After logging in via wikispaces, open up the Settings page.  (Note: only a handful of people have rights to do this.)


A wikispaces theme contains the structural markup for the site. More info can be found in the Wikispaces help topic.

The "theme" is found under Look & Feel > Themes and Colors. If you scroll down the page you will see one theme marked as Current Theme. As of this writing the theme in use is "TH copyright fix 2014-03-28", but that may change as modifications are needed.

Changing the theme

For safety sake, I tend to make a copy of the theme and test modifications rather than changing the theme directly. To do this use the form on the bottom of the same page. Enter a name, and in the Start From field, choose the theme that is marked as Current Theme above.

After editing the new theme, make sure you use the Preview functionality to test your changes.

After saving your changes, from the theme list choose your new theme and click Apply.

> NB! After applying the new theme, you should test all the pages while still logged in (this includes content apages and management pages). Then LOG OUT and restest all the content pages.


The stylesheet for was created before wikispaces added the functionality to include style overrides via a form in the Settings > Look & Feel > Stylesheet. So, the way we have this setup is a bit of a kludge.

From the top nav, choose Pages and Files, then search for "css" and you will see Clojure.css. There are also print.css for the print stylesheet, and Clojure-staging.css that I will use to test out changes (by changing the `<link>` in a new theme).

To upload a new version of the css, use the Pages and Files > Upload link. There will be a prompt that you are replacing an existing file.

We should change this

We should either use the built in stylesheet feature, though it is strange to me that this isn't tied to the theme. Otherwise, we should at least use versioned css files (perhaps living in a git repo somewhere) so that we have some history of changes.