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The demark project on Github does three things:

  • partial automatic conversion from wikispaces to confluence formats
  • xmlrpc updates of confluence format to
  • source control of the input and output data (since automation is partial we may need this)

You can view the work in progress in the Scratch Space.


  • Stop rendering a top <h1>, which duplicates the top level Confluence infers from the page title?
    • this begs the question of change the page names from url_like_names to "URL Like Names"...


  • port the CSS from the old site
    • may be easier to rewrite
    • want to take advantage of Confluence's tree display in the left pane
  • review and hand-edit things broken by automatic conversion (possibly modifying and re-running the automation)
    • sometimes automation mangles links whose internals are re-confusable with markup (e.g. top of other_functions)
  • set appropriate space permissions
    • edit ability for everyone on Clojure/core team?
  • figure out how to make a Confluence space act as a top-level URL
  • final signoff from Rich
  • switch DNS
  • decide how to continue to use demark (if at all) once conversion is complete. 
    • maintain git source control of content?
    • allow git-based update of content?