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The binaries can be downloaded from

The source can be downloaded from

The ClojureCLR distribution includes many .dll and .clj files for different parts of the core runtime.

The path where ClojureCLR is installed must be in an environment variable called CLOJURE_LOAD_PATH

The main .dll that needs to be referenced by your code is Clojure.dll, because the others will be dynamically loaded at runtime based on the above environment variable.

A REPL can be started by executing Clojure.Main.exe

Clojure code can be compiled using Clojure.Compile.exe

Visual Studio

vsClojure Extension

The binary can be downloaded from or directly inside Visual Studio (2010, 2012, or 2013) under Tools/Extensions and Updates by searching for vsClojure

The source can be downloaded from

NuGet Clojure.dll

1) Install the NuGet Package Manager as an extension to Visual Studio

2) Add the clojure.dll to any project using the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio by right-clicking a project in the Solution Explorer, clicking Manage nuGet Packages, searching for Clojure, and clicking Install


The source can be downloaded from