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  • JIRA workflow How a Ticket Becomes a Commit This page describes the overall workflow for how tickets (bugs and enhancement requests) make their way through the JIRA ticketing system and ultimately become part of Clojure, ClojureScript, and ClojureCLR. The overall process described here has several goals: Maintain
  • JIRA Questions Open What query drives the "Issues Due" on the project summary page? It is showing me ancient, irrelevant stuff. Answered How do I customize the project summary page? Apparently you can't, but there is a feature request tracking this.
  • JIRA usage proposal JIRA Audit Notes Possible things to change: remove regular user permission for fields that should not be edited except by core team: due … necessary but makes JIRA temporarily unavailable) Design Notes be mimimalist: we are trying to spend our time innovating in Clojure, not JIRA! capture existing
  • JIRA workflow update Goals: Improve quality and quantity of community contribution Communicate ticket and patch expectations Communicate where help is needed … of docs describing each activity, what report to use, actions to take, etc Switch to JIRA workflow (see Clojure workflow (experimental) for Chas's prior work
  • JIRA project key conventions We want project names like data.fingertree and test.benchmark. JIRA project names can do this, but project keys can't: by default they are instanceunique, uppercase alpha only. You can change JIRA's rules for project keys, but There is a strict warning against allowing a dash. (Tools use
  • Infrastructure Ideas relating to improving the Clojure hosting infrastructure GitHub, JIRA, Confluence, Hudson, etc.
  • Re: AOT Problem Overview
  • Error Handling References References cljstacktrace Conditions chapter from Practical Common Lisp Contrib Condition Contrib ErrorKit Debug Builds JIRA Ticket Matchure Raek's Proposal Smarter Assert JIRA Ticket Michael Fogus and Chris Houser, The Joy of Clojure, section 13.4.1, "Error Handling" Migrated to Confluence
  • Setup Details Currently is running the open source versions of the Atlassian tools Confluence, JIRA, and Crowd. Crowd … :// Confluence is the wiki, and will continue to be used as it always has been. JIRA JIRA is the issue/bug tracker, and has
  • Re: Platform Errors

    CLJ ticket and patch here: