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  • Why Maven? Our Story Thus Far It is a publicly stated goal of Clojure not to become an "island" apart from the Java ecosystem. We want JVM developers … one game in town, and that is the Maven central repository. I am told that some businesses will not even consider using Java libraries that are not available
  • Clojure Maven Plugin Problems to Solve Publishing: Make Clojure and its libraries available to build tools Building: Compile, test, and package Clojure … independent! But we expect a build system to do all of them. Potential Solutions Maven 2/3 with com.theoryinpractise:clojuremavenplugin Publishing: Good Already exists
  • Maven Settings and Repositories Many different build tools and Java IDEs use public Maven repositories to download dependencies. This page lists the Maven … in your Leiningen project, add the following to your project.clj: :repositories A note about releases versus snapshots Maven repositories distinguish between
  • Getting Started with Maven WARNING: When this was copied over from assembla, I couldn't find a way to make pieces of the code bold. Some of this may not make sense. Creating a Project Create a new project directory structure like this: myproject myproject/src myproject/src/main myproject/src/main/clojure myproject/src
  • is currently compatible with (red dot = fail; blue dot = pass) latest release on Maven links to the most recent publicly available version of the library: shows the GroupId (org.clojure), ArtifactId and Latest Version for use with Maven; to use the library with Leiningen, add a dependency of the form org.clojure/ArtifactId
  • v0.0 This number can be obtained by running git describe match v0.0 ClojureScript Maven Releases One big JAR containing GClosure library & compiler GClosure is not published to a Maven repository GClosure is released under the Apache License 2.0 No obligations other than inclusion of license Version numbers...? Something
  • Developers can continue to use Ant for local builds Maven controls the build/test/release process on Hudson Real pom.xml Declares Sonatype's ossparent POM … better plugins, see Clojure Maven Plugin and Why Maven? SNAPSHOT releases automatically deployed by hudson Numbered releases controlled by Hudson/Maven Only
  • directory you want. Choose “Yes” for create IDEA project, and then: Import Project from external model Choose Maven if given choice of models Accept all the defaults (click “Next” a bunch of times.) Wait for maven to download dependencies. Choose Tools Clojure REPL Add new Clojure REPL to launch a REPL on your project
  • Re: Common Contrib Build

    If the maven release invocation fails, are the local commits on the build server (the pom changes) backed out automatically? Migrated to Confluence 4.0
  • Re: Getting Started with Eclipse and Counterclockwise

    Git; Hit Next and Uncheck "Import Existing Projects" should be Check "Import as General Project" Import the maven project into Eclipse is not needed; the project is imported automatically in the Git "Import as General Project" step. Also, for Maven, the user needs to install a JDK and configure it as the JVM for use when