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  • Release 1.5
  • Release Planning
  • Release 1.2
  • Release 1.3
  • Release 1.9 spec
  • Release 1.8 1.8 features of interest: Unrolled small collections CLJ1517, CLJ1610 Socket REPL Direct linking
  • Release 1.2.1 Note: 1.2.1 is already released. Possible Items for 1.2.1 maintenance release. Please link bug numbers and git commits where possible Multimethod holds head Keyword intern bug
  • Release 1.6 1.6 features: Change minimum JDK to 1.6 (JDK 1.5 is no longer supported) CLJ1268 Move to new ASM and prep for Java 1.8 CLJ713, CLJ1264, CLJ1246 Interop improvements for calling from Java to Clojure CLJ1188, CLJ1190 Better hashing Add C style async blocks > RELEASED as core.async library
  • Release 1.7 Other features: Transducers Better feedback for problems when using primitive / unchecked math Warning on boxed math CLJ1325
  • ClojureScript Releases ClojureScript will use a release strategy based on Git tags and a monotonicallyincreasing release number. ClojureScript Release Tags The tag "v0.0" points to the first commit in the ClojureScript Git repository Releases are tagged like "r999" where 999 is the number of commits on master since