Facilities for async programming and communication in Clojure

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  • Defect ASYNC-73 (CLJS) try-catch-finally broken inside go-blocks
  • Defect ASYNC-184 (CLJS) Port ASYNC-169 fixes to cljs
  • Defect ASYNC-27 Compilation errors inside go block always reported as first line of block

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  • Defect ASYNC-212 Last Wednesday 3:51 AM `go` fails to compile expressions with literal `nil` as a let value
  • Defect ASYNC-197 09/Jan/18 `async/map` output channel not close, when has some input channel not closed, even if I closed one channel of inputs.
  • Defect ASYNC-211 09/Jan/18 `a/map` close out channel immediately when any one of inputs closed

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