clojure.inspector/inspect-table gives up when first element of coll is nil


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    Ubuntu 12.04, Java 7, Clojure 1.4
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clojure.inspector/inspect-table gives up when first element of coll is nil. The patch provided is rather trivial...instead of blindly choosing the first element (which might be nil), it would be more convenient to choose the first element that is NOT nil and use its keys for columns...a similar issue exists with clojure.pprint/print-table where the keys of the first element are used (if not provided explicitly). The same is not true for 'inspect-table' though. As a result, one cannot 'inspect' a collection of maps where the first element is nil. My (trivial) patch looks for the first element which is NOT nil and uses its keys instead. Maps have to have the same length anyway so no problems there...

  1. clj-1020-inspect-table-skip-nil-rows-patch1.txt
    12/Jul/12 1:01 PM
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    Andy Fingerhut
  2. clj-1020-inspect-table-skip-nil-rows-patch2.txt
    02/Aug/13 9:17 AM
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    Dimitrios Piliouras
  3. inspector.patch
    02/Jul/12 5:26 AM
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    Dimitrios Piliouras


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