Mixed end-of-line endings in the source code


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Some source files in Clojure have the DOS/Windows carriage return/line feed line endings, whereas the majority use the Linux/Unix line feed only line endings.

The main ongoing issue with this is that if there is a correctly formatted git patch for such a file, then using the recommended 'git am' command to apply such a patch always gives warnings. Some screeners see such warnings, and immediately disregard the patch, asking for the warnings to be fixed before they will consider it. As far as I can tell, this is impossible. Thus patches modifying files with CR/LF line endings are nearly in a deadlock state, requiring unusual effort from non-screeners to remind screeners that such patches are as good as they can be, and would they please ignore those warnings because there is no way around them.

If someone can find a way to apply git patches to such files without such warnings, please update this description or add a comment.

Stu Halloway asks: Wouldn't eliminating all CR/LF endings in Clojure source files invalidate many unapplied patches? My answer: Please do it anyway. Others will step in to fix those patches, if they become broken.

The attached file does several things, which should be easy to verify by reading through the script itself, which is quite simple:

1. find all files with CR/LF endings, and remove the CR characters.
2. Does 'git status .' to show the files that have been modified
3. Does 'git diff .' and 'git diff -w .', showing the number of lines that have been modified, and the number of lines that have been modified in a way that changes something besides whitespace, which should be exactly 0 lines, because only whitespace has been changed.

Original description when this ticket was created:

While examining some of the Clojure source code, I discovered that some files had mixed line endings, or CRLF line endings on a non-Windows box. Using .gitattributes, we can correct that so that files have the right endings for the platform that it's on.



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