Don't squash explicit :line and :column metadata in the MetaReader


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I have been experimenting with using cljx to produce Clojure and ClojureScript source from a single file. This has gone well so far, with the exception that, due to the way the source transformation works, all of the linebreaks and other formatting is gone from the output. There is an option to include the original :line metadata in the output though, like so:

;;This file autogenerated from 
;;  src/cljx/com/foo/hosty.cljx
^{:line 1} (ns
^{:line 3} (defn ^{:clj true} system-hash [x] ^{:line 5} (System/identityHashCode x))

(Hopefully, such hackery won't be necessary in the future with sjacket or something like it...)

Unfortunately, when read in using a LineNumberingPushbackReader, code like this has its :line metadata squashed by the line numbers coming from that. A REPL-friendly example would be:

=> (meta (read (clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader.
                 ( "^{:line 66} ()"))))
{:line 1}
=> (meta (read (
                 ( "^{:line 66} ()"))))
{:line 66}

The latter seems more correct to me (and is equivalent to read-string).



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