Reader literals cannot contain periods


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The reader tries to read a record instead of a literal if the tag contains periods.

user> (binding [*data-readers* {'foo/bar #'identity}] (read-string "#foo/bar 1"))
user> (binding [*data-readers* {'foo/bar.x #'identity}] (read-string "#foo/bar.x 1"))
ClassNotFoundException foo/bar.x  java.lang.Class.forName0 (

Summary of reader forms:

Kind Example Constraint Status
Record #user.Foo[1] record class name OK
Class #java.lang.String["abc"] class name OK
Clojure reader tag #uuid "c48d7d6e-f3bb-425a-abc5-44bd014a511d" not a class name, no "/" OK
Library reader tag #my/card "5H" not a class name, has "/" OK
  #my.ns/card "5H" not a class name, has "/" OK
  #my/playing.card "5H" not a class name, has "/" BROKEN - read as record

Note: reader tags should not be allowed to override the record reader.

Cause: In LispReader, CtorReader.invoke() decides between record and tagged literal based on whether the tag has a ".".

Proposed: Change the discriminator in CtorReader by doing more string inspection:

  • If name has a "/" -> readTagged (not a legal class name)
  • If name has no "/" or "." -> readTagged (records must have qualified names)
  • Else -> readRecord (also covers Java classes)

Tradeoffs: Clojure-defined data reader tags must not contain periods. Not possible to read a Java class with no package. Avoids unnecessary class loading/construction for all tags.

Patch: CLJ-1100-v2.patch

Screened by: Alex Miller

Alternatives considered:

Using class checks:

  • Attempt readRecord (also covers Java classes)
  • If failed, attempt readTagged

Tradeoffs: Clojure tags could not override Java/record constructors - not sure that's something we'd ever want to do, but this would cut that off. This alternative may attempt classloading when it would not have before.



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