Cannot resolve public generic method from package-private base class


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The Clojure compiler cannot resolve a public generic method inherited from a package-private base class.

Instructions to reproduce:

  • In package P1
    • Define a package-private class A with generic type parameters
    • Define a public method M in A using generic types in either its arguments or return value
    • Define a public class B which extends A
  • In package P2
    • Construct an instance of B
    • Invoke B.M()

This is valid in Java. In Clojure, invoking B.M produces a reflection warning, followed by the error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can't call public method of non-public class." No amount of type-hinting prevents the warning or the error.

Attachment clj-1243-demo1.tar.gz contains sample code and script to demonstrate the problem.

Examples of Java projects which use public methods in package-private classes:



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