case expression fails to match a BigDecimal


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In 1.5.1 (anywhere before the CLJ-1118 patch), this is the behavior on BigDecimal case matching:

user=> (defn t [v] (case v 1 "Long" 1.0M "BigDecimal" "none"))
user=> (map t [1 1.0M 1.00M])
("Long" "BigDecimal" "none")

In 1.6 the behavior (post CLJ-1118 patch) has changed:

user=> (defn t [v] (case v 1 "Long" 1.0M "BigDecimal" "none"))
user=> (map t [1 1.0M 1.00M])
("Long" "none" "none")

In 1.6 after CLJ-1118, I expect to see: ("Long" "BigDecimal" "BigDecimal") as they now have the same hash and hasheq.

Cause: The case constants are hashed in the clojure.core/case macro using clojure.core/hash which calls clojure.lang.util/hasheq(). In Compiler.emitExprForHashes(), a call to clojure.lang.Util/hash(). In Clojure 1.5 these hash values are the same (hash of 1.0M == hasheq of 1.0M == 311). In Clojure 1.6, they are different (hash of 1.0M = 311, hasheq of 1.0M = 31).

In any cases where Java's hashCode and Clojure's hasheq return different values, the case statement can fail to do the correct thing.

Approach: Change to use clojure.lang.Util hasheq() to match the case macro use of clojure.core/hash (which calls clojure.lang.Util.hasheq()).

Patch: clj-1301-1.diff

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