Support destructuring maps with namespaced keywords


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Current :keys destructuring expects symbols and creates local bindings based on those symbols. This works fine with maps that use non-namespaced keyword keys. This enhancement is to add support for destructuring maps with namespaced keyword keys.

;; typical key destructuring for keyword keys without namespaces
(let [{:keys [a b]} {:a 1 :b 2}] (+ a b))

;; WANT some way to destructure map with namespaced keys
(let [{:keys [????]} {:x/a 1 :y/b 2}] (+ a b))

Approach: Allow keywords (with or without namespaces) in :keys destructuring. Destructure to bindings with the name of the keyword (namespace is ignored).

;; this now works
(let [{:keys [x/a y/b]} {:x/a 1 :y/b 2}] (+ a b))

;; add support for putting keywords into :keys as well to support ::keywords
(let [{:keys [:x/a :y/b]} {:x/a 1 :y/b 2}] (+ a b))
(let [{:keys [::a]} {:user/a 1}] a)

;; syms will also now support namespaced symbols
(let [{:syms [x/a y/b]} {'x/a 1 'y/b 2}] (+ a b))

Patch: clj-1318-6.diff

Screened by: Stuart Sierra. See comments, below.

Doc TODO: Will need to update with new binding form.

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