AsmReflector throws exceptions on JDK8


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After the commit of the updated ASM library for CLJ-713, Clojure builds and passes all tests except for one, compare-reflect-and-asm in reflect.clj.

This can be narrowed down somewhat to a difference in behavior of the following 2 forms evaluated with the latest Clojure and JDK8:

;; The following two lines work with the latest (Jan 11 2014) Clojure 1.6.0-master-SNAPSHOT
;; if run on JDK 6 or JDK 7, but throw an exception with JDK 8.

(import '[clojure.asm ClassReader ClassVisitor Type Opcodes])
(def r (ClassReader. "java.lang.Object"))

I am not certain, but from a bit of Google searching it appears that this may be a limitation of the ASM library version 4 – it throws exceptions when attempting to read class files produced by JDK 8, because of a newer classfile version number. Links that seem to support this conclusion:

A couple of alternatives are:

(1) update ASM again to one that supports JDK 8 class files

(2) disable the compare-reflect-and-asm test. Clojure itself does not use the AsmReflector for anything except this unit test. The Java reflector is the default one.



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