Allow leading slashes in unqualified symbol names


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The proposal is to allow the reader to accept symbol names with leading slashes.

Problem: Leading slashes are frequently useful, e.g. in mathematical operators like "/" or "/="

Currently, only "/" is allowed as a special case, and is used for the division operator in clojure.core

This could be extended to allow all symbols to have names starting with a leading slash.

There should be no ambiguity with namespace-qualified symbols:
1) In the case of a leading slash, a symbol should be interpreted as an unqualified symbol e.g. "/="
2) In the case of a slash anywhere except in leading position, it should considered as namespace qualified, e.g. "clojure.core/+"
3) In the case of multiple non-leading slashes, the first slash is the namespace separator, e.g. "clojure.core.matrix.operators//="

Optionally, it also would be possible to allow multiple slashes after the leading slash in a name. This would allow symbols such as "/src/main/clojure" to become valid.



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