Improve performance of the bean function with caching


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The bean function is a very useful Java interop feature that provides a read-only view of a Java Bean as a Clojure map.
As it stands, the function performs introspection on the bean's class whenever the function is called. We can, however, cache the mapping from keywords to getters using JDK 7's handy ClassValue. The proposed function will look like this:

(def ^:private ^java.lang.ClassValue bean-class-value
(proxy [java.lang.ClassValue]
(computeValue [c]
(reduce1 (fn [m ^java.beans.PropertyDescriptor pd]
(let [name (. pd (getName))
method (. pd (getReadMethod))
type (.getPropertyType pd)]
(if (and method (zero? (alength (. method (getParameterTypes)))))
(assoc m (keyword name) (fn [x] (clojure.lang.Reflector/prepRet type (. method (invoke x nil)))))
(seq (.. java.beans.Introspector
(getBeanInfo c)

(defn bean
"Takes a Java object and returns a read-only implementation of the
map abstraction based upon its JavaBean properties."
{:added "1.0"}
[^Object x]
(let [c (. x (getClass))
pmap (.get bean-class-value c)
v (fn [k] ((pmap k) x))
snapshot (fn []
(reduce1 (fn [m e]
(assoc m (key e) ((val e) x)))
{} (seq pmap)))]
(proxy [clojure.lang.APersistentMap]
(containsKey [k] (contains? pmap k))
(entryAt [k] (when (contains? pmap k) (new clojure.lang.MapEntry k (v k))))
(valAt ([k] (when (contains? pmap k) (v k)))
([k default] (if (contains? pmap k) (v k) default)))
(cons [m] (conj (snapshot) m))
(count [] (count pmap))
(assoc [k v] (assoc (snapshot) k v))
(without [k] (dissoc (snapshot) k))
(seq [] ((fn thisfn [plseq]
(when-let [pseq (seq plseq)]
(cons (new clojure.lang.MapEntry (first pseq) (v (first pseq)))
(thisfn (rest pseq)))))) (keys pmap))))))



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