remove flatmap in favor of mapcat


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While all the transducers functions are implemented as an arity in the matching clojure core sequence, for mapcat a new function has been added: flatmap.
The reason for this is, as Rich said in a HN comment, "because mapcat's signature was not amenable to the additional arity".
This patch changes the mapcat signature to take at least one collection so that it's possible to add the 1-arity for the transducer function, eliminating the need for a different function, flatmap.

There has been no loss by removing the 1-arity version of mapcat as a sequence function since trying to use (mapcat f) as currently defined (not as redefined with this patch) would fail before transducers, and after transducers:
Before transducers (mapcat f) would result in a call to (map f) which would fail with an ArityException
After transducers that (map f) call would return a function, which then would be used as an argument to (apply concat the-f), resulting in a IllegalArgumentException since apply expects a sequence but it's been given a fn.


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