Widen set to take Iterable/IReduceInit


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Similar to CLJ-1546 (same thing on vec), set should work on IReducibleInit or Iterable. Currently eduction will work via Iterable but through SeqIterator. set on an IReduceInit will throw an error.

user=> (set (eduction (map inc) (range 100)))  ;; works, but slower path
user=> (set (reify clojure.lang.IReduceInit  
       (reduce [_ f start]
         (reduce f start (range 10)))))
IllegalArgumentException Don't know how to create ISeq from: user$eval1198$reify__1199  clojure.lang.RT.seqFrom (

Approach: Check for and use IReduceInit path if available, otherwise fallback to seq. Additionally, the patch adds a modification to return a set without it's meta (same approach as CLJ-1546) if a set is passed, which is fast constant time with no change in effective behavior.

Performance: (using Criterium quick-bench)

Timings done with either (count (set coll)) or (count (into #{} coll)):

coll 1.6.0 into 1.6.0 set 1.7.0-alpha4 set 1.7.0-alpha4+patch set
(set (range 100)) 15.4 µs 17.0 µs 11.4 µs 0.0 µs
(vec (range 1000000)) 360.7 ms 702.5 ms 391.1 ms 358.6 ms
(doall (range 1000000)) 363.6 ms 736.9 ms 387.5 ms 371.0 ms
(doall (range 5)) 404.9 ns 612.3 ns 481.9 ns 445.9 ns
(eduction (map identity) (vec (range 100))) n/a n/a 11.3 µs 8.7 µs

See also: CLJ-1546, CLJ-1384

Patch: clj-1618.patch

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