Some static initialisers still run at compile time if used in type hints


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AOT compiling on an x86 machine to be run on an ARM machine when a Java dependency has a native component and the class with the native dependency is used in a type hint.

In this situation, the only native library available on the classpath is the ARM dependency, and obviously won't load on the compiling x86 machine. Java libraries tend to load the native dependencies in the static initialiser of the class, which will fail in this situation as the architecture is x86 and the dependencies are ARM, for which reason CLJ-1315 made the change to not run static initialisers at compile time.

This covers a case which didn't come up as part of CLJ-1315, that the same problem occurs if rather than constructing the class, you simply use it as a type hint (which IMO is doubly surprising as something to have a side-effect).

Approach: Don't cause class to load merely from being in a type hint.

Patch: clj-1714-4.patch

This patch has been used in production for over a year with no adverse effects (as has anybody using the clojure-android build of clojure).

Prescreened: Alex Miller

  1. CLJ-1714.patch
    22/Apr/15 2:37 PM
    1 kB
    Adam Clements
  2. clj-1714-4.patch
    28/Sep/16 2:40 PM
    4 kB
    Alex Miller
  3. CLJ-1714-v2.patch
    12/Aug/15 9:12 AM
    3 kB
    Adam Clements
  4. CLJ-1714-v3.patch
    28/Sep/16 2:07 PM
    3 kB
    Michael Blume



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