defn-created fns inherit old metadata from the Var they are assigned to


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  • What (small set of) steps will reproduce the problem?

user> (def #^{:foo "bar"} x 5)
user> (meta #'x)
{:ns #<Namespace user>, :name x, :file "NO_SOURCE_FILE", :line 1, :foo "bar"}
user> (defn x [] 5)
user> (meta #'x)
{:ns #<Namespace user>, :name x, :file "NO_SOURCE_FILE", :line 1, :arglists ([])}
user> (meta x)
{:ns #<Namespace user>, :name x, :file "NO_SOURCE_FILE", :line 1, :foo "bar"}

  • What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

I expect (meta #'x) to evaluate to the value of the final (meta x) in the above.

  • What version are you using?

Current master (commit 61202d2ff6925002400a9843e8fbd080f3bef3a5).

  • Was this discussed on the group? If so, please provide a link to the discussion.

Prompted by discussion at

  • Initial attempt at a diagnosis:

I think this is due to DefExpr's eval method binding the Var to init.eval() first and attaching the supplied metadata to the Var later – see lines 341-352. (Note the Var is always already in place when init.eval() is called, regardless of whether it existed prior to the evaluation of the def / defn.) Thus the init expression supplied by defn sees the old (and wrong) metadata on the Var.



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