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I dont seem to be able make the old ticket uninvalid so here goes
(take-nth 0 coll) causes (at least on Solaris) infinite space and time consumption
It's not a printout error as the following code causes the problem too

(let [j 0
firstprod (apply * (doall (map #(- 1 %) (take-nth j (:props mix)))))]) ; from my parameter update function

I used jvisualvm and the jvm is doing some RNI call - no clojure code is running at all
If left alone it will crash the jvm with all heap space consumed
0 is an InvalidArgument for take-nth
I wouldnt mind if it produced an infinite lazy sequence of nils even though thats wrong
It doesnt do this though it actively destroys the JVM
Its a bug nasty destructive and it took me half a day to figure out what was going on
please let someone fix it!


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