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Referencing a function with a fully-qualified namespace should work without first using require or use, similar to how a fully-qualified java class can be used without importing it.

It's a small change in Compiler that tries to call (require x) if the fully qualified classname is not found. This should give priority to the java class, which protects backwards compatibility. There is no runtime performance impact, only compile time (the first time the namespace is seen). The fact that code (the namespace) is loaded during compilation of a form is no different than loading code to look up a java class.

This makes it easier to write quick scripts as in the example below, also to use one-liners in the repl or ad hoc in code.

For example: java -cp src/clj/:classes clojure.main -e "(clojure.set/union #{1} #{2})"

Currently on master, this produces: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: clojure.set
but this works: java -cp src/clj/:classes clojure.main -e "(require 'clojure.set) (clojure.set/union #{1} #{2})"

Obviously, (use) would make the code shorter, but my goal is to make it implicit.



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