VerifyError with symbol metadata, macros, and defrecord


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    Affects Clojure from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0-alpha4
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The code below defines a macro wrapper around defrecord. Using it causes a VerifyError:

(defmacro mac1 [name properties] 
  (let [key-info (keyword (first (filter #(meta %) properties)))] 
    (prn key-info) 
    `(defrecord ~name ~properties))) 

(mac1 One [^:key one, two])

Once this happens, the running Clojure process is oddly damaged. Changing the macro to a working version (see below) will not make the sample work with the tagged symbol, almost as if the symbol
'one (below) became corrupt. You either need to start a new REPL, or try to invoke the macro with a different tagged symbol.

The following code does work (note the forced conversion to a string):

(defmacro mac2 [name properties] 
  (let [key-info (keyword (str (first (filter #(meta %) properties))))] 
    (prn key-info) 
    `(defrecord ~name ~properties))) 

(mac2 Two [^:key three, four])


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