Primitive return type of loop and try is lost


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(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(fn [] (loop [b 0] (recur (loop [a 1] a))))

Generates the following warnings:

recur arg for primitive local: b is not matching primitive, had: Object, needed: long
Auto-boxing loop arg: b

This is interesting for several reasons. For one, if the arg to recur is a let form, there is no warning:

(fn [] (loop [b 0] (recur (let [a 1] a))))

Also, the compiler appears to understand the return type of loop forms just fine:

(use '[clojure.contrib.repl-utils :only [expression-info]])
(expression-info '(loop [a 1] a))
;=> {:class long, :primitive? true}

The problem can of course be worked around using an explicit cast on the loop form:

(fn [] (loop [b 0] (recur (long (loop [a 1] a)))))

Reported by leafw in IRC:

See Also: CLJ-1422

Patch: 0001-CLJ-701-add-HoistedMethod-to-the-compiler-for-hoisti-v2.patch

  1. 0001-CLJ-701-add-HoistedMethod-to-the-compiler-for-hoisti.patch
    28/Aug/15 11:51 AM
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    Nicola Mometto
  2. 0001-CLJ-701-add-HoistedMethod-to-the-compiler-for-hoisti-v2.patch
    28/Aug/15 6:38 PM
    24 kB
    Nicola Mometto
  3. 0002-CLJ-701-add-HoistedMethod-to-the-compiler-for-hoisti.patch
    19/Jan/16 4:04 PM
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    Kevin Downey
  4. hoistedmethod-pass-1.diff
    22/Jul/14 8:39 PM
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