Refactor method resolution code out of Compiler and into Reflector


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  1. Code for obtaining method/constructor instances is duplicated across the Compiler
  2. Code for resolving a preferred overloaded method lives in the Compiler

By consolidating the duplicated code, moving the reflection-related parts into Reflector, and providing a straightforward API, it should be easier to read and understand the method resolution process. Further, improvements to (e.g., CLJ-445) the mechanism for reflecting on class members can largely be isolated from the Compiler. And the few points of coordination (e.g., Compiler emitting same arg and return types as Reflector does when invoking) can be clearly identified and documented.

  1. clj-792-reorg-reflector-patch2.txt
    20/Feb/12 1:11 PM
    72 kB
    Andy Fingerhut
  2. clj-792-v3.patch
    30/Jan/15 12:22 PM
    72 kB
    Michael Blume
  3. clj-793-v4.patch
    30/Jan/15 12:55 PM
    71 kB
    Michael Blume
  4. clj-793-v5.patch
    30/Jan/15 1:29 PM
    72 kB
    Michael Blume
  5. reorg-reflector.patch
    11/May/11 2:14 PM
    72 kB
    Alexander Taggart



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