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Make the description of argument destructuring more visible at, namely:

  • add a heading such as "<h4>Binding Forms (Argument Destructuring)</h4>" to the section describing it
  • make all occurences of "binding-form" a link to that heading, especially under the let and fn headings
  • for (fn ..) add a new second paragraph like "Regarding binding forms, also known as argument destructuring, <a href=#thea-new-heading>read more in the binding forms section</a> under the let special form."

It was always surprisingly difficult for me to google out the explanation of destructuring in Clojure and only today have I discovered that it is described pretty well under the let special form. Thus it should be made more visible to the readers (and preferably also search engines). (Even though Google has returned the page as one of the first matches, I had problems seeing it there - partly due to usually mistyping destructuring e.g. as deconstruction).

Thanks a lot!

PS: I haven't found a better way to report this, such as a commenting capability on the page itself.


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