Clojure should have link to JIRA workflow wiki page added, and most content removed


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Relevant text supporting this suggestion copied below:


Only a few have permission to edit this page:


I have carefully reviewed the content of those two side by side, section by section, and it seems to me that they are either identical, or [1] is more up to date.

I am not proposing getting rid of [2], but instead do this:

Keep the first section headed "Submitting patches to Clojure and Clojure Contrib" exactly as it is now.

Immediately under the heading "So You Have an Idea...", put a single link, perhaps with one sentence or phrase, that points at [1]. Delete all other text from there down on [2]. You will lose nothing worth saving, and you will save future confusion as what is now [2] gets more and more stale.


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